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Company Profile

We have entered the plastic packaging industry since 2010, and have been providing professional plastic packaging solutions and product services for cosmetic finished product manufactures, cosmetic brands, and multinational trading groups for 13 years.

We created“ XYZ Packaging” in 2020. We hope to provide customers with a variety of plastic packaging solutions, including new product design, product optimization and iteration and Quick customization services, Building upon our long-standing product research experience and well-established tailored product manufacturing abilities.

Geographical Advantages


The largest information market for plastic raw materials in China is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Here, we can quickly obtain market information on different raw materials for plastic containers and offer trustworthy market data support for product iterations of associated raw materials.

Ningbo also has a natural trade location advantage. Located on the coast of the Yangtze River Delta, facing the Pacific Ocean, close to large markets such as Shanghai, and has convenient sea, land, and air transportation links with major economic zones at home and abroad. Ningbo also has many natural deep-water ports with good conditions, such as Ningbo Zhoushan Port and Ningbo Beilun Port, and is connected to many major ports in the world by sea.

Why Choose Us

We understand the connection between the plastic packaging industry and environmental protection as a provider of plastic packaging manufacturing solutions. As part of our commitment to offering customers high-quality, environmentally friendly products, we are working to develop new containers using environmentally friendly, bio-based raw materials. In order to reduce product weight while maintaining the necessary strength and quality, we also optimize the product structure. Many of the containers we use for skincare products are refillable. By lowering the number of plastic containers that are regularly thrown out, we hope to have some beneficial effects on the environment. We believe sustainable development is the way we should proceed and would like to help make the future more sustainable.

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We choose innovation over complacency, eager to build a solid reputation through self-improvement, and to continually exceed expectations through customized solutions and exceptional service.

We prefer to listen more than we speak, we prefer originality over complacency, and we thrive on exceeding expectations. We'd want the opportunity to impress you. Please phone or email us with your requirement or concept, and we will get started!