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Customized cosmetic packaging can be rapidly created with the help of our professional services

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    Customized products can be sampled and shipped within 3 days.
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    One-stop solution for designs and sourcing a wide range of ready-to-ship products.

Our Custom container&Bottle are available
in many kinds of appearance.


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  • Cream Jars Cream Jars

    Cream Jars

  • Cream bottle Cream bottle

    Cream bottle

  • Cream bottle Cream bottle

    Cream bottle


product development

We are actively developing containers that use recycled raw materials, as well as containers that can be used repeatedly.

about RONG Packing

RONG Packaging is a manufacturer specializing in designing & crafting cosmetic packaging and containers with the finest materials.
With a full supply chain and our wholly owned manufacturing facilities, we're able to provide excellent service to our customers.

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